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At Wicked Cactus Sauce we produce our sauces in small batches to ensure quality, freshness, and of course HEAT!!!
Winner of the 2011 Weekend of Fire
People's Choice Award for Best Salsa!!!
Sangre Del Sol
Now available - our award-winning salsa! 
Great fresh tomato flavor with a medium-hot habanero & jalapeno bite
and just a hint of chipotle for some mild smoke.



   Viva La Raza                             Smoking Gun                           Creole Demon

   Our mild blend of jalapeno, serrano, and       Chipotle peppers and roasted garlic              Our take on the classic Louisiana flavor!

    tomatillo makes this sauce great for               make this sweet and smoky sauce a              Cayenne, habanero, tomato, and vinegar

    everyone!                                                            natural for barbeque.                                       create the perfect table sauce.






   Cobra Venom                           Wicked Cosa Nostra                Wrath of the Tiger
    Fresh Thai peppers and lime juice                  Tomato, carmelized onion, and Italian           Dried Thai peppers, ginger, and fresh
    come together for a bright, refreshing            spices meet the wicked heat of the                 horseradish combine for a complex,
    burst of heat for any food.                                habanero pepper for a fantastic taste.            earthy flavor.




   Ghost of the Samurai              Head Hunter's Paradise         Aliento del Diablo
     Go kamikaze on your tastebuds with             Fantastic sweet citrus flavors from               Fresh habanero, serrano, and fresno
     this sauce!  Teriyaki, honey, and rice             pineapple and oranges is balanced by           peppers get crushed with the generous
     wine vinegar get an awesome blast                the heat from smoked habaneros.                 addition of ghost pepper.  A tremendous,  
     of heat from the ghost pepper.                        Our personal favorite!                                     building heat makes this our hottest sauce!


For Wholesale ordering contact: sales@wickedcactussauce.com



Our sauces are made with the freshest ingredients available to produce the finest gourmet product.









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